Salon Styler Pro

Salon Styler Pro 5.21

Salon Styler Evo is an salon hairstyle imaging application

Salon Styler Pro is a program used in hair salons to simulate hairstyles and make-up. Using it, you can appreciate on your screen how a person will look after a hairdo and make-up session without touching a pair of scissors or a brush. This way, starting with a simple photograph, clients will be able to evaluate which style they would like to have. You can even offer them a gallery of variants to choose from.

In the demo version, however, you will have to put up with applying the desired changes to the three sample photos provided. Once you load one of them, the "Make Up" button will allow you to put a virtual make-up on it. You can use several sizes of brushes, sprays and eyedroppers. You can use the zoom tool for detail work. The program also allows you to use the lasso, wand and mirror tools to help you get faster results.

When you press the "Hairstyle" button, Salon Styler Pro will show you a collection of pre-designed hairstyles that you can apply to the selected photo. You can also add your “personal touch” to any of the existing styles - you can comb the hair using the "Comb" tool, and even trim it by using the "Snippers" tool. You can save that particular image and add it to the existing gallery, so that you can offer it to your future clients.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It can save lots of time


  • The comb feature is somewhat buggy, it distorts the image slightly
  • There are not many hairstyles to choose from in the demo version
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